The Toy - portatywne urządzenie dla sprawdzania polaryzacji, fazy i testowania kabli

The Toy - urządzenie dla sprawdzania polaryzacji, fazy, testowania kabli

The Toy tester

This is a two-component kit consisting of a phantom-powered "transmitter", built in to a XLR connector and a battery-powered "receiver". Used on its own, the transmitter can check the integrity of the cabling to the mixer. If the cable is undamaged and all three wires are connected, a direct tone is sent to mixer. If not a LED mounted in the connector indicates the nature of the fault. When used with the receiver unit, the combination can also check that the two signal wires are connected in phase or pin-to-pin. If the receiver is used as a source of test pulses to feed a sound system, the receiver can check the phase of the resulting acoustic signal picked up from the internal microphone, or an external microphone.


The small xlr unit can be used as independent linetester without the receiver unit. The measurement functions of the Phantom Power Line Tester are implemented as well. Fixed installed multicores can be checked easily with both devices. The phase of a speaker systems can be checked easily with this combination.

Specifications: Plug Device

Physical dimensions: 764mm Lenght x 19mm diameter
Case construction: Neutric XLR Plug
Signal Output: ca. 6 pulses/sec. between pin 2 and 3
Amplitude: About 100 mV peak - peak
Connectors: XLR 3 Pin, 1 GND, 2 +, 3 -
Power: 9 - 48 V Phantom power

Specifications: Receiver

Physical dimensions: 85 mm x 56 mm x 42 mm
Case construction: Teko P1 ABS Gehäuse
Connectors: 3 pin XLR Female
Power: 9V batterie, about 6mA current