Optogate PB-10 - optyczny włącznik oświetlenia, czujnik obecności i licznik osób.

PB-10 i PB-10D przód

Optogate PB-10

Everybody knows the main problems with the use of movement detectors for room light control: No movement - no light after a while, and the light stays on, even if the last person has already left the room... Here is the solution: The PB-10 is attached beside the door of a room. The PB-10 recognizes the direction of motion of a person through the door with the assistance of two independent infrared sensors that can be mounted in or on a door. At the same time an internal person counter saves/logs the number of persons, who enter or leave the room by the door. An internal relay will switch on if the number of persons in the room is >1 and will switch off if all persons left the room and the person counter is down to zero. The PB-10 is equipped with an RS485 interface, over which up to three devices at different doors in the area can "talk" to each other in order that all devices always know the correct and current person's number in the room. 3 internal dip switches allow different modes. The accuracy is about 99 %, depending of the position of the sensors inside of the door. However, a small push button allows the user to switch the light and reset the person counter by hand.

PB-10D czujniki



Physical dimensions: 70 mm x 70mm x 40mm Main, 94 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm Sensor
Power: 180 - 230W, 0,8 Watt consumption for up to 3 devices
Front plate:: 1mm ST37, white powder coated
max. Distance: 2m, depending of the surface
Connectors: Power 4 pin WAGO 5,08