Overvoltage Protection 3P - przepięciowa ochrona sprzętu scenicznego i oświetleniowego.

Overvoltage Protection 3P

Overvoltage Protection 3P

Almost every engineer who works for a longer time in the sound and light business, had ever experienced the problem with overvoltages and the resulting problems with defective equipment. The new OVP-3P in the DIN box switches off within a half-wave a built-in relay what can be connected to an external 3 phase relay and an on board piezo beeper will emit an "SOS" signal for as long as overvoltage is present. The power will be switched on again automatically when the voltage from the mains power is stabilised. The voltage trigger range is adjustable by way of a small trim pot.

The OVP-3P can be used as stand-alone device or be connected via a 3 pin XLR cable to the optional 19" OVP-3P display unit. This OVP-display unit can be installed in a siderack and offers the possibility to display the actual current phase voltages, phase currents and the setting of the threshold voltage. At the same time the relay from the OVP-3P basic can be remote controlled from the OPV-3P display unit. This switching function can be disabled in the base unit via dip switches in order to prevent accidental disconnection of the supply voltage. A connection for a gooseneck lamp, and a small tray for pens, cigarettes etc. are implemented as well.



Dimensions: 126 mm x 90mm x 53mm incl. Din rail clip
Input range: 170V bis 400 Volt
Tolerances voltagesensor: +/- 5 %
Tolerances currentsensor: A+/- 5 %
Connectors base device: 1 x 8 Pin connector for 3 phase 230V, 2 x pcb connectors for currentsensor board and LCD-display unit
Dimensions display unit: 480 mm x 44mm x 65mm
Input Voltage range: External 12V psu, 1 Ampere incl. gooseneck lamp
Connectors Displayunit: 3 Pin XLR for communication with the base unit, 3 Pin XLR fem. für gooseneck lamp, 2,2mm psu connector
Dimensions current sensor pcb board: 80 mm x 50 mm x 30mm