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Mini Audio Lab

Mini Audio Lab

The Mini Audio Lab is a useful tool for many situations in live applications. A switchable high precision sine wave generator with 30 ISO frequencies is wired to a symmetrical 3 pin male XLR connector. A pink noise generator is also implemented. An additional 1 Watt amplifier, wired to a NL4 connector gives you the possibility to check your speakercabinets. The sound pressure level of the different ISO frequencies can be meausured with a small electret microphone. The Mini Audio Lab will display the sound pressure of the different ISO frequencies. This gives the engineer the opportunity for an easy pre adjustment of the FOH equalizer. A feedback frequency indicator and a delay time identify is also provided.


  • Feedback frequency indentification.
  • High precision Sine wave generator, with 30 selectable ISO frequencies plus 440 Hz.
  • Electret microphone with level response > 65dB at the lcd.
  • 6,3mm input connector for external signals (headphone out of monitor desk for feedback ident...)
  • Impedance measurement of speaker systems between 1 and 20 Ohm
  • Build in 1 Watt amp, NL4 Speakon socket, switcheable between Pin 1+/1- and 2+/2- for multiway systems.
  • Delay and Polarity measurement.
  • Pink Noise generator.
  • Burst signal generator for reverb or delay measurements.


Physical dimensions: 124 mm x 89mm x 61mm
Power: 9V cell or power supply
Tolerance amplitude - test: +/- 1,5 dB, +/- 1 Digit (50Hz-12,5kHz)
Tolerance impedance - test: +/- 0,5 Ohm, +/- 1 Digit
Connectors: 1 x 3 Pin XLR, 1 x NL4,
Plug socket power supply, 1/4" input jack