Cable Check One - portatywny mini tester kabli harting, xlr i speakon.

Cable Check One - portatywny tester kabli

Cable Check One

The Cable Check One allows an easy test of 6 bars, 4 bars as well as 8 pin Speakon cables and xlr cables. A press on the Start button starts the microcontroller and the tester will make 72 different test procedures in 0,3 sec. An lcd display will show the test result. The tester will go to sleep mode within 6 - 10 seconds in order to maintain the life of the battery. Two additional contact pads are implemented to easily lamp check with schuko connectors. The connector plate can be easily changed for an other connector plate. Just remove the 4 screws and the 2 flat connectors and change the connector plate for your application.


Physical dimensions: 116 mm x 56mm x 50mm without connectors
Power: 3V 20mm, CR2025
Current "Sleep mode" 12 uA
Current "Active mode": ca. 15 mA
Available connector plates: HAN 16E Female, Speakon 8 pin, xlr 3 pin