Wireless Ampswitch - bezprzewodowy przełącznik dla gitarzysty.

Wireless Ampswitch - bezprzewodowy przełącznik dla gitarzysty

Wireless Ampswitch

Are you a guitar player who is tired of the restrictions imposed by the positioning of pedals/ footswitches if you want to change your sound? No longer must you remain in a "fixed" position! We have developed a solution enabling you to switch your amp or external distortion without going back to your pedal or footswitch. A small 2 Channel 433 MHz remote control can be fixed with Velcro tape to the guitar giving you complete freedom on stage. The first channel of the receiver board can be used as insert connector for effect devices, and in addition as a switched relay output for the channel selection of your amp. The insert mode can be activated with 4 internal DIP switches in the receiver. In this mode you can switch between "true bypass" and "effect insert". The second channel in the receiver device is wired as switched relay output for a further channel selection of your amp.

Specifications: Remote Control

Physical dimensions: 51mm x 40mm x 15mm
Frequency: 433MHz
Distance range: 30m - 200m, depending of reflections
Battery: 12V, Type 27A

Specifications: Receiver

Physical dimensions: 134mm x 130mm x 54mm
Case construction: TEKO ABS
Connectors: 4 x jack 6,3mm, 2 x NT 2,2mm
Power supply: 12V DC, 200 mA