230V Powerline Guard - ochrona przepięciowa Twojego spręztu.

230V Powerline Guard - ochrona przepięciowa spręztu

230V Powerline Guard

Do you have expensive quipment that needs to be protected from overvoltages? The Overvolt Protection Unit "Powerline Guard" is the solution. This small box is connected to the mains while your equipemtn is connected to the Schuko socket. In the case of overvoltages the box will switch off immediately (< 0,02 sec) the 230V from the schuko socket and an implemented piezo beeper will beep "SOS" as long as overvoltage is present. The Schuko socket will be switched on automatically when the mains line voltage is ok again. The trigger voltage range is adjustable with a small trim pot. A temperature switch switches off the Powerline Guard completely after about 4 minutes when overvoltage above 400 Volt are present for a longer time.



Physical dimensions: 120mm length x 78mm height x 65mm width
Case construction: 1 mm Iron, black powdercoated
Trigger voltage: Adjustable between 150 and 280V
Switch hysteresis: + / - 2V
Connectors: Schuko socket for output
Max. Reaction Time: 24ms
Maximum Current: 5 Ampere -> 1150 Watt
Max. Operation Temp.: + 70 degree Celsius
Survival time on 400 Line: > 4 Minutes